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GRUPO ROMA is a family-run business with extensive experience in the world ofselling and recycling industrial containers. What characterizes us most is our work philosophy that is focused on providing the very best service possible.

We offer a highly personalized service, adapting our service proposals to the specific requirements of each individual case

Our activities include assessing and managing all kinds of industrial containers, whether metallic, plastic, or compound (IBC from 600 to 1,000 liters) of any capacity, starting at just one liter. Similarly, we are dedicated to supplying our customers with both new and recycled containers in all shapes and sizes, adapting our service to market demand and to the new ever-changing industrial world, while remaining sensitive towards the environment.

However, what sets us apart is how we work: the customer and their needs are always the central focus of our activity. To implement this approach, we offer a highly personalized service, adapting our service offering to the specific requirements of each individual case. Along these lines, our policy is based on developing a highly experienced and qualified human team supported by modern and constantly updated technology use.

We also have a strategic network with two central plants and multiple branches, which allow us to provide a more personalized service. In addition, our facilities enable us to process containers from any source, and to selectively collect lightweight containers, phytosanitary containers, or large industrial containers and tanks.

Fast and efficient collection and delivery service for all out customers within a regional and national scope

We also have available our own fleet of trucks authorized for ADR transport, and the assistance of collaborating companies in order to offer a fast and efficient collection and delivery service to all our customers at a regional and national level.

Through our recycling methods (BAT –Best Available Techniques) and in line with the strictest environmental control standards, our mission is to facilitate a reduction in corporate economic costs, materials, and energy resources by means of managing your industrial containers, thus collaborating together to help preserve environmental balance.


Initial business activity

Manuel García Sebastián (founder) first began recycling industrial containers.

Foundation of Grupo Roma

GRUPO ROMA was established with the endorsement of 16 years of sector experience. From the very beginning, the company has been focused on contributing to environmental preservation, becoming a pioneer in terms of recycling and improving its facilities and processes on a daily basis. The company has moved to new, modern facilities with over 5,000m2, located in Barberà del Vallès.

Environmental Management System

GRUPO ROMA implements the management system that, in 2000, enabled it to obtain the Environmental Management Certificate according to ISO International Standard 14001. This document recognizes the maturity and efficacy of its Environmental Management System and validates the willingness to opt for a line of continuous progress that allows, every day, for a more accurate response to customer expectations.

Quality Management System

The company decides to go above and beyond in terms of quality, certifying its Quality Management System according to ISO International Standard 9002.

New subsidiary in Álava

In collaboration with other industrial partners, a subsidiary is created in Álava – Interenvases, S.A. With this subsidiary, BIDONES ROMA enhances its national growth.

Container recycling plant in Seville

In collaboration and partnership with the Regional Government of Andalusia, a third container recycling plant is established in Seville – ARBIDEN, S.A.

New recycling plant in Barcelona

The company has progressively made significant investments with the aim of improving and adapting to market needs, culminating in the inauguration of a new recycling plant in Santa Perpetua de Mogoda (Barcelona) with 10,000 m2 dedicated to the recycling process and 600 m2 of office space.

Sale of the Seville facilities

Sale of the Container Recycling Plant located in Seville.

Sale of the Álava facilities

The company experiences a period of recession and divestiture due to the economic crisis. It opens and closes the Álava facility (Interenvases)

Construction of the cogeneration thermal power line.

At the Santa Perpetua de Mogoda facilities, a cogeneration thermal power plant is built to take advantage of the heart sources resulting from the production lines. The company becomes a Ministry of Energy-authorized energy producer, a young sector with large growth expectations.

New Recycling Plant in Valencia

The company continues to growth with the aim of establishing itself as the leading company in the sector. In addition, it inaugurates a new container recycling and waste management plant in Valencia, in the east of Spain, and closes it in 2012 once again as part of the company’s divestiture strategy.

New Recycling Plant in the Basque Region

Continuing the company’s growth process, a new industrial container recycling facility is opened in the Basque Region (Vitoria), measuring 3,500 m2