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Find out what it’s like to have a team at your service that will listen to your needs and swiftly resolve them. Grupo Roma offers you a group of professionals that can supply a highly efficient and equally personal service.

A professional team and highly efficient service with theutmost level of trust

The familial origins of the company is what makes us different. Since the very beginning, at Grupo Roma we’ve set ourselves apart by providing a highly efficient service with the utmost level of trust. Through apersonalized service that adapts to your work method and approach. We maintain a quality requirement that enables us to take on any request with maximum guarantees, making available to you thetechnical profiles that are capable of addressing your needs swiftly and effectively.

Alejandro García


Kristel García

Commercial/Logistics Department

Víctor García

Commercial Department

Joan Labernia

Finance Department

Vicente Mejías

Production Department

Judit Baró

Dtpo. Health, Quality, Security & Environement

Josep Barrera

Information Systems Department

Alicia Barrocal

Invoicing and Suppliers Department

Judith Román

Customer Services Department

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