The container you need, new or recycled

By selling new and recycled containers, we can offer you the most suitable container product for your company’s needs. We can advise you on all kinds of alternatives, including different sizes and materials. Check out the available options:


Your oversize alternative for secure and easy storage of bulk liquids and materials. IBC containers offer capacities of up to 1,000 liters in a large cube-shaped container that is stackable and easy to transport. Available with a pallet base in plastic, wood, metal, or combination.

Bidones Industriales

Get your hands on the drum that best fits your needs. Choose from plastic and metal drum models in all sizes and with different types of seals. The internal coating guarantees compatibility with the inner contents. In addition, we can customize the exterior with paint and printing according to your specifications.

Bombonas industriales

A solution that offers different formats with varied capacities, allowing you to economize and streamline space to the max. A highly durable alternative that is easy to stack and is resistant to impacts and falls. A lightweight, easy to handle container that is resistant to most chemical products.


Lids, valves, plates, seals… We have all the components you need to complete, repair, or customize your industrial containers.


Recycling pays off

Recycled containers offer the same guarantees as if they were new in 99% of cases, and offer your business significant cost savings.
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