Metal or plastic drums: safety and ease of use

In a leaf spring latch format or with two bungs, and at 200 liter capacity, metal and high density polyethylene drums offer maximum safety in a format that facilitates utmost mobility and storage.

  • Multiple uses
    Serves as a suitable alternative for storing any liquid, viscous, granulated or solid element, while remaining resistant to most chemical agents.
  • Stackable
    The drum shape is designed for them to be stacked vertically, offering storage in columns that make the most of space without the needs for separators or support elements.
  • Transportable and secure
    The cylindrical shape of this type of container allows it to be rolled, with both the metal and plastic versions keeping the contents completely secure.
  • Customizable
    The metal option offers the option to customize your design with your company’s corporate elements and colors, thereby transforming it into a corporate identifying element.
  • 100% reusable
    Recovery of old drums for new uses makes it possible to reduce costs, while also being the most sustainable alternative for the environment.
  • 100% certified
    All our drums comply with requirements and approvals for their use in the industrial field, including the food and chemical sector.

New and recycled drums

Reused containers go through a cleaning and refurbishment process so they can be used again, with strict quality controls to ensure their watertightness features. An option with maximum guarantees and perfect finishes.

Your drum, ready for use and featuring all the options you select, at the most competitive prices on the market:

  • 200l. Metal Drum (two bungs)
  • 200l. Metal Leaf Spring Latch Drum (ring and lid)
  • 200l. Plastic Drum (two bungs)

Your bespoke solution

Adapting container management to the needs
of your business allows us to offer the most accurate solutions at affordable rates.
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