The IBC container, your go-to for larger volumes

IBC containers offer a cubic format with capacities of up to 1,000 liters. Manufactured with high-resistance plastic, they also feature a metal structure and pallet-style base, making them super secure and very easy to handle.

  • Stability and resistance
    The metal structure reduces the pressure exerted by the content, while the high-density polyethylene container ensures resistance to impact.
  • Stackable
    The cubic shape of the container offers a secure stackable system that is optimal for making the most of available space.
  • Transportable
    The pallet-style base, available in wood, plastic, or metal, is designed to facilitate transport and movement through the storage space.
  • 100% reusable
    The ability to recondition the container to give it a new use makes it a more sustainable and economic option. This allows us at Grupo Roma to offer you different options and price points according to your needs.

  • Versatility
    The possibility of adding different valves and filler and emptying necks allows you to adapt the format to your company’s individual requirements.
  • 100% certified
    All our IBC containers comply with requirements and approvals for their use in the industrial field, including the food and chemical sector.

New and Recycled IBC Containers

Prefer to pay a little less but still receive the same excellent performance? Recycled IBC containers are reconditioned following the strictest criteria prior to being used again. An alternative that offers you a high quality tank and intact features at a truly competitive price.


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of your business allows us to offer the most accurate solutions at affordable rates.
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