HDPE polyethylene drums, practicality in every size

With models ranging from 30 up to 200 liters, our polyethylene drum containers are simple to handle and easy to empty so you can make the most of their contents, with a highly cost-effective cost per liter of packaged material.

  • Super secure
    Created with high density and high molecular weight polyethylene (HDPE) that offers resistance to falls and impacts, thus increasing their watertightness.
  • Simple handling
    The opening system offers an easy-open and close system. In addition, the materials and design present a lighter tare, resulting in a lightweight product that is easy to handle and simple to stack.
  • Optimal emptying
    Another feature these drums offer is the option to fully empty their contents without this entailing a massive effort, meaning you’ll always make the most of the contents of your drums.
  • Versatility
    The wide variety of sizes and capacities allows you to adapt them to your specific business needs.
  • 100% reusable
    The use of recovered containers offers a use with maximum reliability while reducing container costs and ensuring more sustainable resource management at the environmental level.
  • 100% certified
    All our drums comply with requirements and approvals for their use in the industrial field, including the food and chemical sector.

Recycled and New HDPE Drums

Prefer to pay a little less and enjoy the same performance and features? Recycled HDPE drums are refurbished according to the strictest criteria to ensure they are ready for reuse. An option with maximum guarantees and perfect finishes.

Your recycled or brand new drum, featuring all the options you select and at the most competitive price on the market:

  • 200l. HDPE Canisters (2 BUNGS)
  • 220l. HDPE Canisters (Ring and Lid)
  • 150l. HDPE Canisters (Ring and Lid)
  • 120l. HDPE Canisters (Ring and Lid)
  • 60l. HDPE Canisters (Ring and Lid)
  • 30l. HDPE Canisters (Ring and Lid)

Your bespoke solution

Adapting container management to the needs
of your business allows us to offer the most accurate solutions at affordable rates.
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